The Legacy Of Harur

The Meeting of Minds

Launch of EWA Lifestyle

Brand PAHAR is born

It all started in February 2014, when first cousins Parkavi Ramasamy and Harsha Vardhini spent an afternoon together and a meeting of minds led to an amazing journey neither one of them could have imagined.

Harsha and Parkavi come from an industrial family that’s deeply involved in the socio-economic growth of Harur, a small town in Tamil Nadu, close to Salem.

Thanks to their family’s contribution and involvement, Harur has now grown into a bustling town. The granite factory founded by their family provides employment to over half the people in the village. Improved housing, better sanitation, healthcare and education are just some of the ways the family has tried to better the lives of their employees. And now, with their own company, Harsha and Parkavi intend to take this legacy even further.

Somewhere along the way, between shared coffees and confidences, Parkavi and Harsha realized they share a similar design aesthetic and a love for creating beautiful clothes. They wanted to make clothes that showcased their versatility; their east meets west design philosophy and their biggest inspiration – the people around them. Their ambition was to create beautiful, comfortable couture that didn’t necessarily follow runway trends – rather they choose to interpret fabric and clothes that were a natural extension of their personalities.

With their backgrounds in styling and fashion management and a strong business acumen they inherited from their industrial family, Harsha and Parkavi they knew that their combined strengths would be an unbeatable combination. All that was left was for them to take the plunge and launch their own company.

Parkavi and Harsha launched brand Ewa Lifestyle in the year 2014 to promote and develop talent in their own community and also among other designers. Under Ewa Lifestyle, several collaborations with upcoming designers have taken place. From ramp shows to wedding expos, Ewa has made its presence felt throughout South India and now exports to cities around the world as well.

Ewa Lifestyle’s manufacturing unit is an all women unit that improves these women’s lives by teaching them about better sanitation, hygiene, educates their children and even educates the women themselves. Once trained, the women are given more responsibility and eventually they’re promoted to work in the Pahar unit, which has both men and women. While the Ewa Lifestyle unit mass produces tunics, kurtis, tops and larger orders, brand Pahar utilizes labour where more specialized, intricate skills are required.

From a small start at coffee mornings in cities like Kochi, Bangalore and Chennai, Harsha and Parkavi began to see a growing appreciation for their brand Ewa Couture and the need for a separate identity for their label. Thus Pahar was born.

A beautiful combination of both their names, which also happens to mean a unit of time, Pahar symbolizes the timelessness of their designs. Pahar’s first showing was in December 2014, called the Black and Gold Collection.

Today, Pahar retails out of Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin and Dubai, apart from their online stocks. Every city receives custom-designed collections as per its requirements, which are refreshed every two months, apart from their signature collections that are launched every year and the seasonal collections that keep changing. With even more to come, the journey of Pahar is just beginning.